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Trying to create a new shopping experience in 2019

About Confuze

Casual wardrobe is what most of us struggle with. Every morning starts with a confusion about what to wear today. Well, not exactly a one stop solution to this, but tadaaaa. Good-bye confusion. CONFUZE! Now do you find the name relatable? Confuze happens to be an e-commerce platform with an aim to kick off the monotony out of your wardrobes and bring in some really cool merchandise. We are a team of 3 with a motive to serve a complete pack of quality, comfort and creativity. Though we really do not have any such historic story behind the idea of starting Confuze, it was just a casual table talk and here we are today trying to inject craziness in your lives.

Our Promises

We don’t believe in finding customers for our products rather it goes vice versa with us. We believe in making products for our customers.

  1. In conformity with the policy of honesty, we promise to stay true to our customers, society & to ourselves.
  2. Innovation is the key to survival, with an urge to provide something out of the box each time, we promise to never run out of creativity & ideas.
  3. Compromising is what we haven’t learnt & we never will. And since quality happens to be our Unique selling preposition, we assure & promise to serve the best of it today and forever.

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